Team ZOB,

As some of you might already know, Detroit and Cleveland got a couple of new RNAV SIDs and STARs recently. There will be some procedure and phraseology changes with these new procedures, but do you know how to control with these new procedures? Due to the new and complex changes, the ZOB staff has decided to offer a group session for everyone who's certified to control a delivery-TRACON position at Cleveland and/or Detroit. Since I know we don't have the same availability all of us, there will be 3 group sessions at different dates and times which you can attend. Please note that we'll go over the same procedures at all of these group sessions, so you only need to attend one of them:

- Thursday October 11th at 8pm ET with Kyle Williams
- Sunday October 14th at 3pm ET with Amin Abrahem
- Saturday October 20th at 8pm ET with Leszek Kwasniowski

If you're interested in attending one of these sessions, please use the link below and book which group session you would like to attend. That way we can prepare on how many controllers we have at each session. Finally, I would strongly encourage everyone who is certified to control a position at Cleveland and/or Detroit to attend one of these sessions. We'll go over the basics, do some practice of the phraseology and you'll be able to ask some questions. Our goal with these sessions is that you're going to learn a lot of new things and have some fun doing so. As always if you have any questions, send me a message on Discord. Blue Skies! ~AA

Use this link to book which group session you would like to attend: