Team ZOB!

Please take a look and download the new sector file, made according to the AIRAC 1804 (valid from 3/29/18). Probably the most important change is Montour VOR (MMJ) being decomissioned. I've also added some things that you've all asked for - for example D21 video maps with triple simultaneous approaches are back and some missing NDBs were added. Moreover, speaking of video maps, I've corrected CLE TRACON video maps, as there were some problems with them.

Also, in "Sector Files/vATIS" download section, you can find vATIS2 setup file and ZIP package with 16 airports config files (named facilities) working with this newest version of vATIS. Feel free to use them (of course if you're at least S2 rated).

Leszek Kwasniowski
ZOB Facilities Engineer, Mentor